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Five Questions with ... Tony Tyler

Five Questions with ... Tony Tyler

By Hpanchal on September 28, 2011

3. How did your experience at Cathay Pacific prepare you for your new position?
Cathay Pacific is an especially big player in the cargo market. Measured by FTKs, Cathay Pacific was No. 3 in the world after FedEx and UPS. So I came to the job with a good understanding of the challenges and the possibilities. For example, I’m proud that Cathay Pacific was able to work with the industry in Hong Kong to make E-airway bills a requirement. Working with Des Vertannes, IATA’s global head of cargo, I plan to very closely follow developments in this area.

4. How will IATA evolve in the next decade?
My goal is to keep IATA focused on adding value to our members as they react to changes in their business. This first means understanding the priorities of our members and then delivering results in cooperation with our partners through GACAG and with governments through ICAO. The issues that we face as an industry are big, and every member of the value chain has a stake in resolving them successfully.

A decade from now I hope for two things: The first is that we — the whole value chain — will be much better at staying focused on the common ground where, together, we can support the needs of this great industry that is at the heart of our globalized world. The second is that we become even faster at embracing change and optimizing the use of technology.

The scope of IATA’s activities also could expand. We are looking to define common standards for cargo ground-handling activities as well as provide a common set of key performance indicators to benchmark supply-chain operations.

5. What has surprised you most in your new role?
I’ve been a member of the IATA Board of Governors for several years and served as its chairman from 2009 to 2010, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into. If there’s one thing that has positively impressed me, it’s the breadth of IATA’s deep involvement in the global industry. After four months, I’m still learning a lot about what we do — and I suspect that this will continue for some time.


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