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Seventy years strong

By Hpanchal on January 29, 2012

You don’t simply “hang around” in this business, and you certainly
couldn’t do it for 70 years! This year, we are proud to say, marks the
70th anniversary of
Air Cargo World.

Whether an airline, a forwarder or even a magazine, to thrive for 70 years in the air cargo arena, you have to invest in it; you have to overcome the never-ending barrage of challenges that threaten to shutter your business; you have to adapt, and perhaps reinvent, in order to grow; and most important, you have to be better at doing what you do than the other guy who’s doing it too.

Of course, anyone knows this barely touches along the edges of what it takes any business to be successful and strong for seven decades, but the one thing that is most essential for longevity is that you have to deliver what your customer wants. Air Cargo World has been delivering for its readers for 70 years, and we are proud to stand alone as the longest-serving, and most trusted and respected publication covering, analyzing and reporting on the international airfreight industry.

This year, in addition to our regular editorial content, we will celebrate our anniversary in each issue with items and articles from our archive, topping it all off with a special anniversary issue in June. I should mention that our archive, which dates back to 1942, is the oldest, uninterrupted chronicle of air cargo as a viable method to transport freight.

Our first look back to the early years is my all-time favorite series of articles — Dick Malkin’s eyewitness accounts of the Berlin Airlift. One of the most compelling events in world history, let alone air cargo, nobody could have written about this remarkable event better than the intrepid Malkin, Air Cargo World’s founding editor and the industry’s pioneering journalist. One of the articles appears on page 20 of the magazine, and be sure to visit for the entire six-part series.

I sincerely thank you all, readers and advertisers alike, for your loyal patronage. Without your commitment, this magazine would have never reached this important milestone year.

— Steve Prince is the publisher of Air Cargo World.

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